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Tea as beverage, start from Shennong,spread at Zhou Dynasty, rise at Tang Dynasty, and popularity at Song Dynasty, develop at Ming & Qing Dynasty

- Lu Yu·The classic of tea.

China, where one of the ancient tea Country. It is not only the birthplace of tea and tea culture, but also the first country in the world to grow tea, make tea, and drink tea. Tea culture has always been the most amazing aspect of Chinese culture. Drinking tea is not only a taste of cultural precipitation, but also a spiritual inheritance. The ancients were most particular about tasting tea. Observe its shape, smell its fragrance, appreciate its dance, taste its taste, what utensils to use, what refreshments to serve, how much water to boil, and how to mix... There are more like-minded people, and drinking tea is no longer a matter for one person.

At the same time, Chinese tea culture has also played a very important role in the long river of world history, witnessing the changes and historical development of human society. It can be said that no other product can reveal the evolution of the world better than tea. Human history is like a history of tea development. In the course of tea history, countless tea people and tea enterprises have played an important role.

CHAGEE, is one of them!


According to industry surveys, more and more post-90s and post-00s start to like tea and are full of interest in tea. Bawang Tea Ji focuses on the use of high-quality and fresh raw materials in its products, which not only caters to the contemporary urgent need for health, but also reverses the inherent impression of contemporary young people’s "unhealthy" milk tea; dedicated to providing a pleasant tea drinking experience in the store The relaxed and social atmosphere captures the social needs and identity of the younger generation and presents a new way of life to young people.


CHAGEE is positioned as a China-chic tea brand, integrating Chinese cultural traditions and creative innovations, combining Chinese tea culture and milk tea to create China-chic style milk tea, allowing Chinese tea to reach mass consumers in a brand-new posture. Attracted by the China-chic style circle, it is loved by the young people of the China-chic circle, and became a China-chic tea beverage Leader.


A cup of good tea connects the world, and the world knowledge of good tea lies in China. For tea, the big country tea needs the big country brand. CHAGEE, as the only new Chinese tea brand in the tea market that makes the ultimate, original, and the only new Chinese tea brand that has gone overseas with the brand of Chinese tea culture, is popular in Southeast Asia. CHAGEE is spreading Chinese tea culture to young people all over the world in a popular way, and at the same time representing Chinese tea drinking has become an oriental symbol.